Carter R. Baseball Session | Red Wing Youth Sports Photography

I’ll admit it – even though I’m a photographer I’m not always the best at making time to capture my own kids’ interests and moments as they’re growing up. This is something I’m being much more intentional about lately as I know they’ll be grown in a flash! My son has always had a deep love for baseball and has had a Minnesota Twins themed room for many years. Recently, we decided that he should have some portraits of himself to to decorate his walls and show his love of the sport.

We had planned this shoot for a while, but man, did we ever luck out with a beautiful sky this night here in Red Wing! The brilliant hues perfectly matched his Wingers baseball attire colors and made for a stunning backdrop.

Do you have a little one (or big kid!) who is passionate about a sport or activity? I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below.

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Child holding baseball bat